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As with any other type of market, the property market fluctuates, and this can have a big influence on the final price of your house. This means that timing the sale of your house is very important, so it’s well worth your time to consider what influences are affecting the market before you jump into the sale of your house. There are several factors that can help with this.

Sales patterns and trends are a good way to judge the movement of the market, and so are the current market conditions, but there are other factors that may not be so well recognised, ensuring your house sells quickly and making sure the road to the sale are as smooth as possible. For these reasons it is very important to select a real estate agent whose expertise can guide you and offer you advice on when to sell your house, and how to do it. Hiring the right real estate agent for you is not hard, with the right resources. AgentsCompare is a 100% free, no obligation online service that allows you to request free quotes and compare local agents’s fees, services and experience, in your area. This can help you decide who the most suitable agent is to sell your house, making the entire process a whole lot easier.

Watching Market Trends

There are many influences on market trends, some of which are surprisingly simple. One is the seasons themselves. Spring is traditionally seen as a popular time to sell, owing to warm weather, sunlight, and with the growth of new life, people are more willing to start anew- and sometimes that means by buying a house.

Other influences are not so simple, as they depend not only on the shifting market value, but also on your own circumstances as a home owner. If you are looking to downgrade from a larger house, say to an apartment, factors to consider are unit prices against house prices; sometimes it may be a good time to buy a unit but a poor time to sell a house. The opposite situation, where you are looking to move to a bigger property, due to a growing family, for example, may of course undergo the inverse problem of the above case.

Finding an Agent

With this in mind, it becomes increasingly clear that developing a strategy is important. This is where a good real estate agent can really help. A professional agent will have worked in the changing market for long enough to understand the direction in which the market is moving, and their experience and knowledge can help to determine a course of action. It may be beneficial to sell your house while the market is strong, rent an apartment for a period of time, and then buy a house when the market has dipped again. These are the sorts of tactics a good agent can advise you on.

What's Next?

A great way to find the right agent for you is with AgentsCompare. It allows you to request free quotes and compare local agents in your area. Registering your property online for free is the perfect first step to handling your property as you enter into the temperamental property market.

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