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Real Estate Fees

Throughout Australia, real estate fees are unregulated by the government, meaning that real estate agents are able to set fees based on their perceived value. Real estate agent fees are therefore influenced by specialised services offered, as well as the free market and the rules of supply and demand.

In rural and regional Australia, real estate agent fees are often higher than average, due to lower property prices and less competition between agents, causing agents to raise their fee to make a sale more financially worthwhile. In metropolitan areas or the CBD of a city, real estate fees are typically lower, as a larger number of agents are competing to obtain a listing, and property prices are, on average higher, so agents are forced to lower fees to stay competitive, while needing a smaller percentage of the final sale to gain a reasonable sum.

It’s important to pick the right real estate agent for you, but don’t simply choose an agent based off their real estate fees alone; appropriate and specific services and expertise are greatly beneficial to the sale of your property as well. A good agent will have an excellent knowledge of the geographical area, experience selling similar properties, knowledge of prospective buyers and a well thought out and appropriate marketing strategy.

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