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When you sell your house, there are many important steps and guidelines to follow. One of the most important things to do is make sure you appoint the real estate agent that’s right for you. It’s a huge step to selling your house more successfully. Selling takes planning, organisation and a lot of bravery, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting the right real estate agent can help you handle one task at a time, while they take on some of the bigger, more time consuming roles, allowing you to make sure things go the way you plan.

To find the right agent for you, try AgentsCompare, a useful online service where you can compare agents, so you can see exactly what services are available and what fees you should expect. With the right agent, you can take the time to organise your finances and handle your insurance, which is also an important consideration to make, when you sell your house.

Finding an Agent:

To get the best return and smoothest sale for your house, with the least amount of difficulty, you will need to hire a good real estate agent. To find the agent that’s right for you, you will need to look at their knowledge of the geographical area, their experience in selling similar properties to an appropriate clientele and whether or not they have a sound marketing strategy, as these are important factors that will contribute to the process and outcome of your sale.

A great way to find your perfect agent is with AgentsCompare, it’s a 100% free online service that allows you to compare agents in your neighbourhood. Register your property today and you can get a head start on the road to selling your house without the stress.

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We're here to empower homeowners, not pressure them. Our service is free to you, and there's no obligation to appoint an agent through our service.

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We are 100% independent, so your best interests are always protected. We provide a safe and transparent space for you to explore your options.

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Uncover important information about agents, including their fees, performance data and homeowner reviews, helping you find the right agent to sell your property.