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There has been a promising trend in the home of the Great Barrier Reef, with property prices continuing to rise over the last 12 months by 4.5% in the housing market and 2.4% for units. In the state capital, Brisbane, house prices have risen, whereas unit prices have slightly dropped. This should come as no surprise, as high-rise construction has been prominent. Noosa Heads has proven itself to be a very desirable holiday destination, with the sunny surf town reaching a record highest price of $6.5 million over the year, indicating that property management fees in the town may be falling accordingly.

What you need to know about property management fees in Queensland

A property management fee of 1 – 4 weeks rent to start with, and 5 – 10% from then on is to be expected in Queensland. Although in rural and regional areas, like Townsville, a ferry ride from Magnetic Island, it is standard practice for property management fees to be higher, due to a lower number of agents in the area and lower property fees. This causes agents to attempt to make listings more worth their while, in compensation for the total price and fewer listed properties.

What to consider when finding the right property manager for your property

  • In metropolitan or high wealth areas, such as the canal streaked holiday hotspot, the Gold Coast, property management fees will be lower, thanks to the property’s high value and many agents in the area competing.
  • To find out what agents are charging, compare them directly, that way you can have an accurate idea of the average property management fee.
  • Never choose a property manager with just their fee in mind; your property manager is a potentially long term professional relationship, so there are many factors to consider.

Want to find out what property managers are charging in Queensland?

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