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Tasmania – the culturally rich home of the MONA gallery – is one of the most stable markets in Australia today, where houses have managed to continue to stay affordable, with a median price of $280 thousand. Hobart is a great example of this, where steady house prices have been indicative of the market, keeping real estate agent commission the lowest in the state, on average. Nestled at the end of the Tamar River, Launceston is standing firm too, with a sales high of $1.2 million in the metropolitan area over the last year.

What you need to know about real estate commission in Tasmania

The state of Tasmania has no government regulations when it comes to real estate commission, leaving agents to decide prices based on supply and demand in the free market. In the regional Queenstown, which borders Mount Dundas Regional Reserve, amongst others, the real estate agent commission is typically relatively high, following lower property prices and fewer competing real estate agents. The opposite is true in metropolitan Hobart, where higher property prices tend to keep commission low, along with high agent competition.

Here’s how the average TAS commission rate compares to the rest of Australia:

State Average Commission Rate
ACT 2.14%
NSW 2.02%
NT 2.55%
QLD 2.58%
SA 1.96%
TAS 2.73%
VIC 2.02%
WA 2.35%
Average Commission Rate by State - From LocalAgentFinder Data Researched May 2021

What to consider when finding the right real estate agent to sell your property

  • The best way to find the average real estate agent commission in your area is to directly compare agents.
  • You should never select an agent based on commission alone; the rural properties of Temma, on the western coast, may benefit greatly from an agent who has sold properties in the area before, and knows how to expose your property to a wider audience.
  • Rural and regional areas will tend to have higher real estate commission, due to lower property value and a decrease in competing agents.

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