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Tasmania has been an excellent measuring stick for the rest of Australia when it comes to what constitutes a sturdy property market, and this year has been no different, with the Island recording growth of 4.1% for houses and 3.5% for units across the state over the previous 12 months. In capital city, Hobart, little change has been recorded, as the metropolis remains steady in regards to both houses and units. Further north, to the tip of the Tamar River, Launceston too has reported solid growth. Solid growth indicates a strong chance for property management fees to drop slightly.

What you need to know about property management fees in Tasmania

A property manager in Tasmania, on average, will charge between 1 – 4 weeks rent as a starting fee, with a recurrent charge of 5 – 10% of the monthly rent from then on. This will vary depending on location, as rural areas like forest flanked rural town, Trial Harbour, on the western coast, will typically see a property manager charge higher fees, due to lower property values and fewer agents to compete with in the area. This is normally applicable to all rural and regional areas. In metropolitan areas, however the opposite is true and agents charge lower property management fees.

What to consider when finding the right property manager for your property

  • In Devonport – and other metropolitan cities – you can expect to see lower property management fees, as higher property prices and a greater number of real estate agents force these costs down.
  • Never choose a property manager based on the cost; it’s important to value an agent’s experience leasing similar properties or knowledge of an area as well.
  • To find an average price for a property manager in your neighbourhood, compare the property management fees of a number of other local real estate agents.

Want to find out what property managers are charging in Tasmania

Comparing quotes from local real estate agents is an excellent way to see what the average property management fee is in your area. AgentsCompare is a 100% free, online service that helps property owners compare local property managers based on a number of criteria. Register the details of your property to start receiving no obligation quotes from agents in your neighbourhood.

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